Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below, the answers to all of the questions we get asked on a regular basis. If after reading this you were unable to find the answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us using one of the methods listed at the top of the page.

A. We currently operate minibuses that can accommodate up to eight passengers

A. Of course, we would be delighted to receive your booking. Many of our regular passengers are in fact individuals and couples who appreciate the space, comfort and raised seating position our vehicles provide.

A. Our vehicles are of the long wheel base type so there is plenty of space for luggage and the boots are cavernous. The minibus seating can also be configured in various ways to increase this space where fewer passenger spaces are necessary. For eight passengers this can be up to 12 medium-large cases. Where there are up to five passengers the rear row of seats can be removed, providing the storage space of a Crew Van. For up to two passengers, both rows of rear seats can be removed, essentially turning the vehicle into a van.

A. Yes. Depending of course their length will have a bearing on how they’ll fit. Generally, the boot is wide enough for anything the length of your average freeride/freesyle snowboard to lay flat on top of your cases. Anything longer such as cross-country skis or alpine boards would need to be laid lengthways and secured over the back seat, resulting in a reductuion of passenger numbers.

A. Yes we provide travel for any distance. Whether it’s a school run or lift to work, or a trip to or from North Lincolnshire from any UK or EU destination.

A. All of our drivers are fully Licensed by North Lincolnshire Council. As part of this process all applicants are subject to an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service check, which is repeated every three years upon renewal of their licence. In addition to this, all of our drivers have clean driving licences.

A. A minimum deposit of 20% would be payable to secure your booking. This is payable by card via a payment link we will provide, once we have checked that we are available for your journey. The full remaining balance is then payable to the driver on your outbound trip. This payment can be made either by cash or card and all of our vehicles carry contactless card machines with a receipt printer. Alternatively, should you prefer to pay the balance in increments, or settle up early, just get in touch and we can arrange to provide further payment links as necessary.

A. Yes. We have child seats to cover children of all ages and can cater for most families. These include stage 0+ 1 2, stage 3 and booster cushions. In the rare event we do not have the full number of seats you require, or your child requires their own specialist seat, we will be happy to securely store these free of charge.

A. Yes. We have fully comprehensive Taxi/Private Hire insurance and Public Liability Insurance in line with North Lincolnshire Council licencing requirements.

A. If the vehicle you are using is a Hackney Carriage (yellow licence plates), then yes a meter will be fitted and used, as required by law. If you have booked a Private Hire vehicle (green Licence plates), it may or may not have a meter. Regardless of which type of vehicle you use, IF a meter is fitted and your journey begins and ends in North Lincolnshire, it MUST be used and then the price we charge is the lower of either the meter price, or the pre-arranged price as quoted prior to your trip. For journeys which begin or end outside of North Lincolnshire, the meter will not be used and you will pay the price as agreed prior to your trip.

A. Under the terms of our operating licence, we are unable to add additional drop offs once the journey has commenced. Please ensure that you provide ALL addresses you require for pickup or drop off. There is an additional fee for extra locations so where new addresses are added at a later date, the price will be recalculated to take these into acccount.

A. Food is not permitted on our vehicles. Alcohol may be brought on board only at the drivers discretion. Please note however, even where permission is given, any spillages, however little will incur the £100 soiling charge as set down by North Lincolnshire Council. This does seem a lot but believe me, it’s nothing after valteting fees and loss of income.