Face Coverings

At 8 pm tonight there will be a government announcement with regard to COVID safety and lock down measures. As part of these measures, it will now be necessary for all drivers and passengers in Taxis and Private Hire vehicles to wear a face covering.

Therefore all of our drivers will wear their masks and we reserve the right to refuse service to anybody refusing to wear a mask, without good reason.

We do carry a limited number of disposable masks in case you do not have one of your own but ask that you do provide your own and I’m confident that most people will already own their own masks by now.

If you do have good reason for not wearing a mask, for example a medical condition we will still be happy to serve you, but please ensure that you contact us prior to your booking so that we can discuss this prior to the day to save any embarrassment or misunderstandings when we pick you up.

We thank you for being understanding at this time.